God-is-dead behavior

Two of the churches in Wamego, KS, both Southern Baptist, teach knowing the devil—and how they have taken this to heart! Nowhere in the New Testament does Christ or any of his followers teach knowing the devil. Combative organizations do, as in know your enemy, knowing and how to engage him and win. So, does this put the Southern Baptists in Wamego on the offensive? Since they preach destruction, it in fact does. These churches go after evil and unconventional thinkers–especially druggers. Even unto death, for by that path good surely is found and ye will be rewarded. Make them suffer and then kill them. Clean up the world.

But what Christ said was to go out into the world and teach his gospel. His doctrine did not in include terror and death. But Nietzsche’s doctrine of nihilism is included within these churches. Nihilism is about negativism, getting rid of others. Nihilists never think of consequences, yet there are always consequences to any action. And since these churches are negative and all about getting rid of people, they are nihilist. None of them read philosophy, so they’d not know the difference between an apple and a persimmon.

So, with their negative, destructive behavior they are practitioners of Nietzsche’s God is Dead moment. If Christ’s God were alive, there would be no need to destroy others—for any reason. God is dead because some people want to kill anything that they dislike, consequences be damned, for the bad guys deserve what they get. A smoker of marijuana deserves to have his housing and other medical help taken away but someone using opioids for pain is excused. Opioids are heavily addictive; marijuana is not habit forming at all. This is selective killing. It is prejudicial. When people choose whom to get rid of, who is evil, they become Gods, and they have gone into God-is -dead practice. Christ is certainly not welcome in their midst. Nor is forgiveness, empathy and understanding because it is only when God is cut out of the equation we see God-is-dead people standing, standing up and ready for war, for wiping these others out.

What will they do when they’re alone in the world? Nihilists know only one action—destruction, destruction until there is nothing left– truly a clean world. What have you got when you’re the only one. . .or the only ones?

Killing people is not a utensil from Christ’s tool box. It is in the devil’s or with anarchists who believe they are the rule and you’re not. There is no social cohesion or responsibility with these people and the God-is-dead Christians who go about damning and nailing those who use drugs, chiefly. But, really, anybody they do not like.

Present day Sartres? Well, it does nauseate me.

How they hide their antisocial, homicidal souls and then sing on one day how they believe their righteousness about how worthy they are—hallelujah the Lord be praised. It is these types who believe the end of the world is nigh and the more miscreants they can pass judgment on are good marks in their good books with large margins and wide spacing. Big Chief Notebooks. God is the big chief.

They will not find themselves burning in hell. . .they’ve been doing the devil’s work here on earth and he will reward them with cushy chairs, champagne (or other alcoholic, addictive substance) and willing girly devils. The good times roll when you’re a devil to begin with.

They continue their rampage like Ted Bundy on amphetamines because the more miscreants they take out, the greater the reward.

But these heretics are nothing compared with the local hospital who allows these Ted Bundys the time and space for them to blame and badger their chosen drugger upon discharge. Surely they are next in line for a position at Gitmo. All they need is a breakdown and admission of felonious activity to stop the pain, giving these God is dead do-gooders license to do whatever it is they will in recompense.

So, not only do the godlingers have no ethics, the hospital has no ethics.

What to do, what to do.


A Note on Terrorists

A Note on Terrorists

by James L. Secor & Minna vander Pfaltz

We need to begin speaking truth to the terrorists of today. We need to call them what they are. They are murderers. Mass murderers. To call them anything else is to give them legitimacy. They and their actions prove there is nothing legitimate about them. They are simply conscienceless murderers. People with a great blood lust. They are no more than Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, Kansas’ own cold-hearted killers, made famous in Truman Copote’s In Cold Blood. They are the Papin sisters, a perverted, not too bright pair who battered their patroness to death for no good reason. These so-called terrorists are the Manson Family murderers writ large on the pages of the popular press. To call them terrorists, to call them anything but what they are–murderers–is criminal. It gives their murdering ways legitimacy.

It drives up fear to call them terrorists and their actions terrorist attacks, which our politicians and media adore because they like war and control. To give these murderers legitimacy by calling them terrorists is to give full proof to Rachel Maddow’s thesis in her book Drift. No self-serving, self-incriminating media outlet would dare change the rhetoric from the myth of terrorism to the truth of murder.

But a change is needed. To speak truth puts these people and their perverted religion on the defensive. For, in fact, these murderers, these mass murderers by their own religious doctrine (Quran) are on a fast to track to Hell and sitting at the right hand of Satan (Shaitan).

This is this story we should be telling. The story of murder, of mass murder and the sick clans that purvey it in the name of their Lord. A true using of the Lord’s name in vain.