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by Minna

I just watched Shadow & Bone—for maybe 20 mins. We actually got perhaps 3 mins of plot action, the rest was somebody’s narration. Narration, narration, narration. And totally unnecessary. BUT it is general lingo for US TV. The worse thing Netflix could have done was hire TV writers because they keep on with this; Netflix did right with Ma Rainie’s Black Bottom. Hiring TV personnel-turned-down writers would have been good; out of work playwrights; not present writers. Pretty soon, Netflix will become just another TV with a few highlights now & again. Awhile back, director Kurosawa said that American movies were far too much narration–& most of it not needed. There’s also far too much enlightenment rationale, something that would make Diderot happy but, really, has nothing to do with fiction writing—any art. The limitations of TV are showing up the worst of TV with Netflix MacDonald’s hamburger writing, repetition. . .

Afghanistan. . .one general remarked that we were there to help develop. What needed to be developed? Their culture is bad because it’s not ours? WE were the insurgents. WE were the invaders. What of captured munitions? Well, duh! They did it before—even with the Russians. Interesting that they can hold off the world’s greatest army (self-proclaimed) with out-of-date guns and no modern technology. An interest does reside in the private companies supplying food. All of those young males hanging onto the wings of an airplane, packed inside the plane are proof positive of Trump’s belief that all the young men will come running to the Taliban. Look at the number of Trumpsters who prefer to believe what their told over what they see! A bunch of stupids!

With regard to the selfish idiots in Lake of the Ozarks. . .I wish you’d hurry up and get the disease and leave us live ones room to grow. It’s people like this who don’t realize they are alive and unmarked because their parents had them vaccinated as babies. They have no social responsibility, either. Their depth of thought is me me me and any story they make up keeps them so as children. Golden Books is about the level of their enlightenment. There is Supreme Court law allowing those types of people are anti-social: who the hell do they think they are so supreme that it is good that they remain free of vaccination and those around them get sick. Their individual freedom does not come at the illness of others. Cf. 1905 Supreme Court decision (law). Maintaining their anti-vaccine is not worth others’ illness. We’ve already seen the contamination and spread of measles in California; via vaccinations, all but wiped out in the US. And polio is making a come back. Why?–read my lips—no vaccinations. No one of my generation has to list normal childhood diseases on their medical record. Why?–read my lips—vaccinations.

What I learned from B movie Westerns:- don’t lie. If you are lying at the top, the lie grows and grows until it becomes the raison d’être for the lawless Western universe. Usually it is about money. The liar’s name is pointed, like Beverly Gail Allitt, and she’s pivotal in hiding her boss Diabolos who boasts about what he can do but, of course, doesn’t do anything, which is how he makes his money. Kind of like an omnipotent primordial being, new and shiny. Beverly Gail Allitt it is who gets dirty but she doesn’t mind. She revels in dirt. The setting is important and the centre of the action, as if nothing bad could happen here. Like a Nossokoei, hospital. Beverly Gail Allitt is about to prove that bad things can, indeed, happen in the hospital. A sacrificial object, a patient named Terrian, who brings the villainy down on people’s heads is needed. Poor sacrificial lamb, she did nothing but die because of Beverly Gail Allitt’s lies. How sad. . .how. . .“I told you so.” It is Terrian’s friend, John Smith, who is the hero. He uncovers the eviltry and sets the trap that catches Beverly Gail Allitt and shows her to be the liar behind several deaths. Diabolos lets her go in order to salvage the situation. This is expected, for Diabolos must remain clean—as clean a possible. He must work to clean his tarnishing away. John Smith then goes on his way: there are other grounds to set right.

This kind of deviltry happened in Jimsecor’s town hospital, forcing him to take drastic steps—bringing in the big guns to forestall calamity.

What I learned from alien landings: we really aren’t interested in other life forms. Kill ‘em all! Our insanely out of date military is enough to bring a life form that flew million’s of miles & therefore shows a superior capability. . .kind of like Afghanistan where the lower military held off, for 10 yrs, the superior US military machine. Cf. Jack Nicholson’s The Aliens.

As long as we push an oxcart along filled with Math and science we’re never going to have any kind of knowledge or understanding (however small) of history and people, those study areas called The Humanities. Jimsecor got his PhD in history and the arts—both US and Japan, with history (another Humanity). Let me bring this home to you. . .some girl writing after a year or two in Japan call herself an expert but writes of detective (nonexistent, this role was given to an already lawmaker-established government samurai). But he cannot forgive the horse riding. The Japanese samurai did not ride horses but for war. Horses were beasts of burden. Even worse: she had her horse rider ride through the back streets of Tokyo that were, in fact, not passable by horse much less by two people side by side. What a bunch of stupid agents to suck her writing up as being expert! She’d have to have read about these facts but, alas, she didn’t. And why bother? The agents are as ignorant and, therefore, miss the excitement latent in history, in running through the town and the countryside with a people who hated the law that kept them down. But she must be onto something, for Jimsecor’s well-placed, historically correct excitements do not sell. So be it. Moby Dick didn’t sell, either.

Anti-abortionists seem to believe that having an abortion is destroying a wanted life. Perhaps it would be better if the abortionists’ heads were slipped into the prongs of a probe and yanked out and held high for the highest bidder. Extreme. I don’t talk of this but Minna suggested it might be about time. The first child was a pill baby; the second baby was an IUD baby. We were both in school for the third. Neither of us wanted a child, as you can imagine, so she was on the pill and wore an IUD. We got pregnant. Again, we were trying to make sure we did not get another child and ruin our lives, ruin the childrens’ lives. The pill is only 90% effective; the IUD somewhat more. And some extremists dare to believe both are abortion-makers. We had an abortion—and then I went and had a vasectomy. Oh!–what joy it was to make love without any worries! Abortion-haters need to step back from themselves and the Trump ideology and the all-or-nothing fascist belief: if life is so very important to you, why are you not raising the unwanted children that you are stuffing down people’s throats? The pill was, once, damned near free (as it should be) and every woman who wanted it could afford it without robbing her children of food. Venom, you bitches! If you’re really interested in life, adopt the unwanted. Give them a life—A LIFE!–that you deny, for I didn’t want a third child and took every control—some of you use them, I’m sure—available and would have filled our lives with poverty and no possibility of advancement. We’d get thrown out of our house to live on the streets. I’m old now; she died, so did the child you forced on us. You should be arrested for murder. And me? I thank you for nothing. You self-satisfied cunts!


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