Irritating things

Irritating Things

Complaints that there are too many poor people with health problems and, so, that’s good reason to not expand Medicaid.

People who raise mental health issues to explain sociocultural problems. Which itself is a sign of mental illness: denial and avoidance.

Doctors who went into medicine as a Calling and then run Concièrge Medical offices with minimum subscription rates that poor people cannot afford. But Concièrge Medicine is touted as medical care for all. So, what happened to God’s Call?

People who hate immigrants but are themselves the off-spring of immigrants, i.e. everyone in the United States but the Indians, i.e. many, many in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California, Joe Arpaio.

Athlete and performer heroes who accept awards and accolades with great humility and tell you so in vaudevillian seriousness.


People who know it all or know it better or just can’t be wrong; that is, it’s your fault. Like the woman who has lived in the city for four years and doesn’t know her way around. She relies on her GPS. GPS devices are notoriously wrong. And, sure enough, it was wrong. But instead of accepting the inevitable, instead of believing what she was seeing rather than what she was being told, she told the man that it was his fault, he had given her the wrong information. Which was akin to telling him he did not know where he lived. He pointed out to her that he’d lived in the city for 30 years and knew better than a GPS that had been around for only a few years. But she knew better.

Pretenders to knowledge, like Scott C. Brown and Steven Pinker, not to mention “educators” within government and Presidents who are interested in Newspeak and Face.


People who blame soccer concussions on heading the ball when, in fact, concussions happen when players bang into each other–and not only when both are trying to head the ball. The NFL will do nothing to stop their massive concussion problem as it might negatively impact their profit margin; so the doctors who are over-playing their cards are going after the, perceived, less controlled soccer, at least the youth leagues in the US. So happy that these Dr. Assholes will now make the future American soccer players so very much less world class than they are now! (please do not include the men, here)

Do-gooders ought to be avoided, including not bothering to listen to them. All of these do-gooder doctors are American doctors. America, home of everything is bad for you, everything will kill you, everything will give you one disease or another. Land of the world is against us. Everybody’s a threat. Like the rebels in Nauru who are shooting off phosphorus missiles in the neighborhood of passing US ships in an attempt to join the nuclear weapons group and, so, wipe out the vicious, blood-curdling Americans. The Vatican City is, I hear via Fox and CNN, building up their arsenal. The Holy Spirit is not enough for a reconquest of the world.


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