Wonder of wonder

And here I am again. At my site. And, suddenly, there are no uninvited, mysterious posts. My cut panorama, from the mountains, of a village in the dell is here. Have I effected this abrupt change? Or am I delusional? Hallucinating? Once, my family would have maintained the last of these choices, believing that I needed to get on meds to straighten out my thinking. What are we to make of the fact that the meds don’t work? That they were no good? That they were not needed? That I’m like uhh totally beyond help?

The abuse in families goes far beyond the parent and far beyond the physical. It is, in fact, worse to be beaten by language than by sticks, stones, switches, forearms, whatever’s at hand. Because of this, I tend to see  RD Laing’s rule of the abusive family to be the same as those for our abusive society, which he proposed: Rule A: Don’t. Rule A1: Rule A does not exist. Rule A2: Do not discuss the existence or non-existence of Rules A, A1 and A2. This allows the maintenance of a delusive world, which seems to be the be-all and end-all of the US, particularly the loaded, pitching Republican Party, in the name of the priority of the nuclear family. It’s a made-up world.

Jimsecor and I talk alot about made-up worlds, masks to deceive ourselves that everything’s okay, even while it’s much more like a deranged person’s cerebrations. A great heap of denial. Jimsecor as a writer makes up worlds, that’s his business; I, as editor, make sure he follows Poe’s verisimilitudinous guidelines. We know we are dealing in fiction as fiction. The abusers believe the fiction is reality and, in so doing, because they are hurting others, they are diagnosable delusional. The culture of make believe. At least Jimsecor is no longer relative. Society is another thing.

No one can blame him for wanting to escape this abuse, the delusion that he does not want to partake of. Matfield Green, KS is one of his choices. I’d prefer to be closer to civilization; but, too, I can see his reticence to let go of Rousseau’s Social Contract. I would, however, in a heartbeat accompany him back to China and the little known Linghu villagette in northern Zhejiang. One of his former students is from Linghu. He teases her no end, calling Linghu Zero Lake. Puns are wonderful, shi bu shi. Ling means, to the best of my knowledge, water chestnut. Water Chestnut Lake? There is a new town and an old town and a main road that might be 1/2 mile long. This student’s parents own the, THE grocery store in Linghu. And I use the term grocery store very loosely. Matfield Green’s about the same, though it has a cowboy bar, to give it color. Matfield Green is on the National Historical Record for its ranches. Indeed, much of Chase County, KS is a historic record, including the lost, abandoned, flooded out Saffordville. There was massive flooding in KS in 1951. Saffordville, along the Cottonwood Falls River, did not survive.

For lovers of ghost towns, Kansas is a bonanza. Perhaps Jimsecor (and me) will become part of the ghost town populace. Hopefully, any ghost town rummagers will arrive during one of his euthymic periods or one of his hypomanic periods. Ghost of a chance. Otherwise, I will have to run to their rescue as he will make them most unwelcome.

We are happy to say that we will be celebrating our favorite holiday, Holloween, in our new apt. Please stop by. Bring candy corn and hard liquor, as Jimsecor is a beer snob.


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